Kids Crossing

Teaching kids to love God, live in community and serve the world. You may wonder…can they do this at their age? The answer is yes! God is always ready to grow His kiddos, no matter how young (or old!) they are.

What can I expect?

A safe and nurturing environment where children learn the truths about loving God, living in community and serving the world just like Jesus did. The teachers in Kids Crossing emphasize that obeying God is very important and that the most important way to obey God is to obey your parents. These simple truths are taught through engaging lessons, reading the Bible and age-appropriate activities. Fun and learning go hand-in-hand for our Kids Crossing students!

How do I sign up?

Simply by coming! Our Kids Crossing students are divided into two groups:

Junior Varsity (Birth–6)

Junior Varsity students have two options! Students may be brought to class before services begin, or they may come at the break in service between the singing and the sermon. The key part of the lesson is during the sermon. Parents can decide which option best helps their family to participate on Sunday mornings.

Varsity (7–11)

Varsity students are released to Kids Crossing at the break in service between the singing and the sermon. Students and parents/guardians can follow their teachers to get checked into class. Teachers will be always be standing at the back of the room where we sing. There is always an announcement that students are dismissed, so it will be easy to know when to send them.

What if I have questions?

We would love to meet you and answer your questions! To reach us, contact:

Jason Woods, Associate/Youth Pastor

Jeff Hogan, Pastor