The Point

Purpose? Mission? Vision? Purmivision?

What’s the point?

Many churches have mission, vision or purpose statements. Typically, this statement explains the point of everything they do. Goals and objectives are then used to explain the process of how it can be accomplished. But what if a church could combine it all into one statement?

At Convergence Christian Church (or “C3” if you like), the point of everything can be summed up in three words: Love. Live. Serve. We want to love God and love people. We want to live in authentic community. We want to grow servant leaders who serve the world.

Interestingly, the process for accomplishing this can be summed up in exactly the same way.

Based on Jesus’ words in Matthew 28:18–20, the greatest responsibility of everyone who is a follower of Christ is to make disciples, that is, to help people discover what it means to follow Jesus and to be like Him. Convergence is a simple, straightforward, “Acts, chapter 2” kind of Christian Church. From our beginning, we have been fiercely committed to maintaining a process for making disciples that is clear and concise. Everything we do reflects this common mission and contributes to the process of developing mature disciples of Jesus Christ.

Convergence Christian Church is intentional about cultivating our love for God through worship. Worship together. Worship privately. Worship as a lifestyle. (Matthew 22:36–38; Romans 12:1–2)

Convergence Christian Church is intentional about cultivating opportunities to build and live in authentic community and to love one another. Come as you are and learn, laugh, grow and share. It is life together. (Matthew 22:39; Ecclesiastes 4:8–10; 1 Corinthians 12:12–27)

Convergence Christian Church is intentional about cultivating servant-leaders who want to serve the world. How? By seeking to live out the amazing love of God in practical and tangible ways—in the community, in the region, in the world. (Matthew 20:25–28; James 1:26–27; Acts 1:8)

Serving represents a culmination of the process and typically leads to a greater love for God and the desire to introduce others to Him. In this way, the process becomes a cycle.

So: Now that you’ve got “the point,” how about becoming a part of the process with us?