Want to Know?

Why do you want to know God?

People seek God for a variety of reasons. Some look for a more fulfilling life or a greater sense of purpose. Others look for a relief from their pain. Still others are curious and want to find what is true. What’s your reason? You should be aware of your motivations because you may be looking for the wrong thing.

For example, perhaps you are seeking because you want to find greater happiness. What if you do find God, but your life circumstances lead to less happiness? Will you feel cheated? Christ followers often report that God gives them greater joy, meaning, and purpose in life. But nearly every believer will also experience periods of difficulty.

So ask yourself: What am I looking for? And what does God offer me?

As you read God’s book, the Bible, you’ll discover how much He’s already given. But He may not give you exactly what you’ve anticipated. So expect the unexpected, and make it your goal to find God, no matter what the outcome or perks. The bottom line is that a true seeker seeks the Giver of life, not just His gifts.